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Finding the perfect balance between beauty and nature is what inspires us, what moves us as a brand. Our focus is on creating a balance between sophistication and simplicity, between strength and serenity, between nature and technology. Our goal is to create an experience through the use of our products; give women a moment, a place, where she can BE and feel free, confident, young and beautiful, to feel elegant and modest at the same time, to BE herself.  

The Balance between Beauty and Nature is our inspiration.



Hair product lines

Each one of our Hair Product Lines has been specially designed to meet specific hair care needs. We have added ingredients such as Açaí Fruit Extract, Argan Oil and Grape Seed Oil to provide extreme protection against free radicals, heating tools and the damaging effects of the sun and the environment, as well as providing the hair and scalp with the nourishment it needs to have healthy, strong and beautiful hair. This perfect combination of ingredients is what makes our products unique and, therefore, we can deliver great quality products to our clients.

Inspiring the everyday woman to be natural, to be herself, to Be Balance.

Inspiring the everyday woman to be natural, to be herself, to Be Balance.



At B BALANCE  Professional Studio ® we are committed to providing our clients with the most technologically advanced formulas and highest quality products. From a hydrating shampoo for everyday use, to intense reconstructive hair treatments, B BALANCE Professional Studio® offers a wide variety of products for every need.

Balance Hydrating® Shampoo

Renew leave-in® Treatment

Lucent Red® Shampoo

Intenscalp® Shampoo

Deep balance™ Shampoo

Restyle® Straightening Leave-in Cream



At B Balance Professional Studio® we care about using the highest quality ingredients to create the best products and guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. After long research and tests we have chosen what we believe are the most nourishing and beneficial ingredients for hair care to include in our products: Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Açaí Fruit Extract. These oils have proven to boost hair shine, restore and seal in moisture, and when combined with other ingredients, provide a protective barrier around the hair strands, seal the cuticle and treat hair from the inside out, thus helping treat hair that’s been damaged by chemical processes, the environment and also helping fortify the root and prevent breakage.


From Morocco and known as the golden oil from the “Tree of Life”, ARGAN OIL is one of the most wondrous ingredients nature has given us, for the many health benefits it provides.

Grape seed extract

Grape seeds have many beneficial properties and a high concentration of antioxidants, including Vitamin E and extensive proteins and minerals.

Açaí fruit extract

With an extraordinary combination of antioxidants, omegas and amino acids, Açaí fruit extract has proven to provide great conditioning and healing benefits for hair.