Restyle Straightening Leave-In Cream

Temporary Straightening leave-in cream. Temporary hair straightener that helps to gradually relax the curls, works best with the use of heating tools, protecting the hair at all times. Humidity resistant, keeps the hair straight for a longer period of time. Due to its exclusive formula, RESTYLE® Straightening Leave-in Cream provides great conditioning and protection against the use of heating tools on chemically treated hair, leaving it soft and smooth with great shine.


9 fl. oz. (59 ml.)


Depending on the amount of hair, apply enough RESTYLE® Straightening Leave-in Cream on clean damp hair. Brush and style with Blow-dryer until straight and dry. Best results when blow- drying in small sections.


Argan and Grape Seed Oil, Açaí Fruit Extract, Green Tea, Bamboo, Ginger and Aloe Vera Extracts. Keratin Amino Acids, Barley, Wheat and Flaxseed Proteins.

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