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The Products

At B BALANCE Professional Studio® we are committed to providing our clients with the most technologically advanced formulas and highest quality products. From a hydrating shampoo for everyday use, to intense reconstructive hair treatments. B BALANCE Professional Studio® offers a wide variety of products for every need.

Hair products designed to offer great conditioning to weak, brittle and dry hair. Our care system is mainly based on Argan Oil and enriched with Grape Seed Oil, which help nourish your hair to achieve an extremely intense softness. Hydra Line products replenish and maintain the essential moisture balance throughout the day, leaving your hair soft, silky and smooth with great flexibility and a beautiful shine.
The continuous use of heating tools, chemicals and exposure to pollutants in the environment damages the hair, leaving it dry, brittle and dull. This is how the INTENSIVE Line was born; these products were created to give your hair back the proteins, keratin and hydration that was lost, restoring it. All thanks to its unique and balanced formulations, created with special ingredients, for each specific hair problem.
Among the many wonders that nature gives us, two of the greatest are Argan Oil and Grape Seed Oil. Our experts have combined unique formulations using these two ingredients, essential proteins, and amino acids to achieve successful results in hair styling and finishing products, among others, to provide a natural reconstruction of the hair, sealing the hair from the cuticle to the tip, leaving it silky smooth and with a beautiful shine.
Specially designed and created with the finest ingredients for the exclusive use of hair technicians, stylists and hairdressers. Its use requires the absolute knowledge of the handling and use of professional hair care products, since its complex and unique formulation must be handled by expert hands.
Due to exposure to sunlight, pollutants in the environment, poor nutrition and the use of heating tools, it is very common to start losing hair as a side effect. It is for these reasons that we have set up a specialized laboratory in this subject. Years of continuous study, have allowed us to create the right formulations to offer effective and alternative results, with natural ingredients, that can help you prevent this problem and make the hair follicle regenerate itself and strengthen the hair from the root.
The purpose of these products is to preserve the hair color for a longer period of time, and we have achieved this with a joint effort between the hair professionals and color technicians, doing continuous tests on all shades of hair color, to guarantee that the color will remain authentically just as your hairstylist applied it, and to stay longer with the daily use of our products. These special formulations will work on both dyed and blonde hair, leaving your hair healthy, smooth and always protected against the damaging effects of the environment, free radicals and UV rays.